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This STX meat grinder includes top quality accessories required for grinding, together with a No. 12-sized grinding mind, that is larger when compared with other meat grinders which often have a No. 5 or No. 8 sized grinding mind.

Furthermore, this grinding mind also offers bigger opening pans to permit bigger cuts of meat to become ground easily.

All of the areas of the grinding mind are manufactured from polished and cast aluminum, which should be stored dry keep.

The grinder also includes three grinding plates which permit any meat to become ground in fine, medium or coarse textures. These grinding plates are manufactured from hardened steel to help make the grinding process faster.

Incorporated within the set will also be three stainless mower blades that are matched using the grinding plates, engineered to complement the output precisely, with respect to the texture you’ll need. Meanwhile, the stuffing tubes which are full of the grinder can be used as a mix of sausages.


This STX meat grinder are created almost solely from 100% of polished aluminum. Much better than coated aluminum, materials produced from polished aluminum are not only unique and engaging to look at but they are simpler to wash when compared with coated materials.

However, because the grinder parts are polished aluminum, they ought to be stored dry keep and can’t be washed within the dishwasher but rather hands-washed having a mild liquid detergent.

This powerful grinder can run under 600 watts without any load, contributing to 800 to 1200 watts under full load while grinding meat.

As this STX meat grinder includes a very effective motor, it’s are designed for frozen or perhaps raw meats also it still preserve the feel from the ground meat, that is best when employed for hamburgers or sausages.

In addition to that, the grinder may also be used to grind meat or chicken bones for everyone as food for pets in your own home, that is very useful to a lot of who possess a pet that should be given a specific diet.

The grinder has about 5 to 7 parts as a whole, which are extremely simple to assemble and disassemble keep.

Things to understand

However, a couple of individuals have stated the STX meat grinder can be quite loud when use. Furthermore, the tube around the grinder includes a inclination to hack.

Some reviews also stressed that does not every part from the grinder in which the food would go through are stainless, which can lead to some shavings metal becoming confused using the ground meet.

Furthermore, which means that the grinder must be cleaned soon after use to avoid aspects of rusting.

Other reviews claimed there are gears within the grinder that aren’t produced from steel but plastic, which could sometimes cause discoloration from the ground meat.

For sausage stuffing, a couple of stated there meat must be cut very fine before having the ability to be ground into stuffing.

If you are unsatisfied together with your STX electric meat grinder, you could give it back towards the manufacturer and could still be capable of getting one hundredPercent 100 % refund if you’ve only had the grinder for nine several weeks or fewer, that is a rather generous period.

For other reviews claiming that certain parts come damaged or missing, the maker welcomes feedback be going from their method to assist their clients.

Main Point Here

Within the finish, the STX-3000 meat grinder gets to be a particularly large number of reviews from many purchasers, maintaining true using these reviews, this meat grinder is among the most generally purchased products for grinding.

Thinking about that STX has an excellent history in grinding meat, I think about this to become a real powerhouse meat grinder when compared with others, like the 2.6HP meat grinder, which has only a 2000 watt peak output power.

This a person proven and tested to grind almost all sorts of meat, raw or frozen, and may even grind bones without having to worry from the machine getting clogged.

Additionally, it has several accessories and attachments, which makes it a great all-in-one product between its powerful motor, matching cutters and plates, and additional stuffing tubes to make sausage, causeing this to be grinder essential-buy!